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What is love? A question with no definite answer, it is a question pondered by philosophers, psychologists, and the everyday person for centuries. Shakespeare wrote plays about it, and King Henry VIII changed religion for it. War has been fought in its name, music composed in its honor. Scientists have dismissed it as a chemical reaction in the brain, while psychologists have categorized it as only recognition or familiarity. But surely it means more than that?

It is what keeps us going in troubled times, what feeds the soul and what can destroy us with grieve.

I have been interviewing couples who are in happy, successful relationships to help determine what is love and what is the key to its success? Why is it that some people have a love that lasts a lifetime? Why is it that some relationships end? What is the secret to a happy marriage?
These are questions that I have asked myself for years, ever since I can remember. Maybe it was growing up on a diet of Disney and Bryan Adams songs that sparked my fascination with a subject that is so wide-ranging and affects every one of us.

I began my career as a barrister in England. One day I was conducting a trial with my client and his wife; they were in their eighties and had been married for more than fifty years. I saw how they connected they were and the beautiful interaction between them and off-topic I asked them, ‘what is the key to a successful marriage like yours.’ Their advice – never to go to bed on an argument, sort it out and move on, don’t harbor bad feelings. I found this more interesting than the trial itself and so I started to think maybe I was in the wrong job? I kept this advice in mind for years, and it left me wanting to search for more. And so, What is Love Tales was born, a collection of love stories and advice from couples to help us in our own love tales.
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