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Hello! I'm

            Emmaleen Muldoon


a writer who endlessly explores love and how we relate to one another. I want to understand what it is that drives us to form and maintain good relationships Ever since I can remember I have fascinated with what makes some relationships last and others fail.

This led to my work, interviewing couples and exploring ideas to see what makes relationships genuinely work. I share advice and stories from couples from all over the world  as well as my own thoughts and analysis. 

I began my career working as a barrister in London and later moved to America and qualified as a New York attorney. Through my life in court, I came across thought-provoking stories from people every day.  I became more and more interested in their personal stories, as opposed to their legal ones. I saw first hand how a man losing his liberty was content in the knowledge that his wife and children would waiting for him when he came home from prison. In comparison, in my divorce cases, I saw people broken, not knowing how to continue, because they had lost their partner. It struck me that it is love that carries us through.

I believe that love is everywhere and that if we remind ourselves to look, we can find it. The more aware of our feelings we are, the more we can identify with it, hold on to it, and keep it strong for a lifetime. 

Married to a wonderful man who is patient with my musings and mother of two children, a daughter and a son. I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I continue to pursue finding the meaning of love and happiness in the Carolina sunshine.

Sharing the love, 


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