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Law of attraction and love.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

How the law of attraction can help our relationships.

There's nothing more unattractive than a person who acts miserable all of the time. What we radiate we attract; being happy and cheerful makes others want to be around us. Think of your friends who are upbeat and positive and see how many friends they attract effortlessly. Not only does it make others want to be around us but studies show that it makes us happier in ourselves too. Maintaining a positive outlook makes us more successful in our careers and love lives.

What is it that compels us to one another?

What is it that makes another person attractive to you? Usually there is an initial physical attraction. But, how many times have you been attracted to someone only to then speak to them and then lose that attraction? Now how many times does it happen the other way around too? Someone who you didn’t think was physically starts talking to you and you are attracted to their personality and then a physical attraction develops?

Relationships begin with an attraction, but then it is behavior that keeps us attached. Marriages usually don’t last if one person in the marriage demonstrates bad behavior. Let alone, relationships don’t usually develop to begin with unless we like the behavior of the other. It is what builds the foundation. Unfortunately, behavior can change as the relationship develops. I often heard from representing my clients going through divorce share how their spouse started off so attentive and that that as time went on they felt ignored. Also, often we treat the person who means the most to us, the worse. It makes no sense, but the person we are closest to, we are around so often, we can forget how we are treating them.

The mirror principle and relationships

One principle we could use to help avoid this lack of attention/affection would be to mirror the behavior we want to receive. Energy is so important and strong and feeds into all areas of our life; relationships are no exception. If your partner is down as acting miserable it’s only natural that you’ll start to feel that way too. Likewise if you feel that your partner is ignoring you or not giving you enough love and attention, you then in return start to shut off your attentions towards them. What we radiate, we attract. Therefore, if we consciously give love, we can attract love.

A way to help us practice love, is to remember that love is everywhere and that every time we see it, use it as a reminder for giving love.

My fascination with finding love, has led to a fascination with seeing love hearts on our day-day adventures. This has led to our daughter Verity, finding them everywhere, almost every day. When you look for it, you shall find it. When you see love, you feel it, then you attract more of it. I’ve posted some photos below of the hearts that she finds. See what you find or see, where do you see love? Leave your photos of love on my Instagram or Facebook page and let’s share the love.

Love is everywhere, we just have to remind ourselves to look. We have to honor it and practice it. Love is, what sunshine is, to a person suffering from seasonal affective disorder; it cures depression and lifts our spirit.

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