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Love is everywhere; you just have to remember to look.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The other day a friend told me the story of a couple she knew; the husband had cheated on his wife, and she found out a few weeks before she was due to give birth to their second child. The sadness of the story struck me, I couldn't imagine how terrible that must be, and of course, I thought how lucky I was.

It got me thinking, in life, we are quick to see what our partners are doing wrong and how they are not meeting our wants and whims, but do we ever stop to think, I'm so happy my partner didn't cheat on me when I was pregnant? When you use these worse case comparables, it makes you immediately see the good in what you have, but why wait until then?

These days it seems we can't go a day without seeing an article on the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. Mostly they seem to relate to finding love, making money, and being happy; however, do we ever stop to think of what we can be genuinely grateful for with our partners?

Do we appreciate the mundane and mediocre for what it is? A content and happy life that those people in turmoil dream of? Next time you go to complain that your partner hasn't taken out the trash, maybe stop to think, but he did bring me my morning coffee this morning. If we look or the bad we see it, if we look for love, we see it. As I opened my refrigerator this morning there in the box of tomatoes was a heart-shaped one, true to point, love is everywhere if you just look.

It's a matter of perspective, and we can choose to see love or choose to see none.

Mastering mindfulness is an art form expressed nowadays in adult coloring books but also in the appreciation of life and of those that we choose to have in our lives.

Appreciating your partner and all they do can boost their happiness and improve your relationship and in turn, your happiness, as we have heard time and time again through the Love Tales. In Julie and Sean's love tale, Sean said, "Don't ever take your loved one for granted....make sure it stays special." Easier said than done, granted, but trying to train our minds to be mindful is a constant battle, being aware is the first step. In Arthis and Sashi's love tale, Sashi said

"Love isn't about grand gestures; it's about the every day and the ordinary, waking up happy. It's the little things you do for each other without having to be asked; anticipating what the other person needs." It is in the appreciation of these little gestures and recognizing the good in the person who has performed them that will bring us joy in our relationships.

When we think back to the time that we start dating, it was exciting and happy, but typically we give each other a lot of attention and praise at that time. Maybe if we can think to always use that behavior in our relationships that the longevity and essence of them may be affected for the better.

The power of the mind and positive thinking is only just starting to be fully understood, and as it grows, so do we. Don't wait until date night, do it as much as you can, and tell me about it and your successful relationships here at What is Love Tales, where we are building a database of sound relationship guidance and thoughts on love to share happy stories from around the world.

Comment below and get in touch if you have a story that you would like to share.

Sharing the love,


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