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What is love? Besa and Agron

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

“Follow your heart, believe only in your heart.”

Besa and Agron

Besa and Agron met almost eighteen years ago in their native Kosovo, a chance meeting when Besa walked into Agron’s souvenir shop. Besa was struck immediately when she saw him. They are now married and living in London with their three daughters.

I couldn’t wait to speak to Besa and Agron about what makes a successful relationship and see what love means to them.

In April 2001 Agron owned a souvenir shop in the Kosovon capital of Pristina, Besa was working for an international organization and needed to buy a gift for a colleague. Besa recalls “as soon as I opened the door and saw him, I had a strong feeling which I had never felt before. Something clicked inside me. It was love at first sight”

Things moved a little slower for Agron at the beginning, he liked her alot but wanted to be respectful and wait. "I held myself back at first, but I knew something was there." They talked and hit it off. Besa would come back to the shop each day. Agron built up the courage to ask her out, he said “I invited her to a party, and she said yes.” From there the romance blossomed. Late one summer’s night when out together they walked past a jewelry shop, Besa said “I looked in the window and saw a ring that was beautiful”. Agron took note but said nothing, the next day unbeknown to Besa, Argon returned to buy the ring.

Their relationship progressed quickly and in August they took a holiday to Switzerland. Agron said “I wanted some time alone with Besa to make sure that it was right.” On day nine of the trip as they stood next to a bridge, Besa wondered “why is everyone suddenly being so loud” she turned to see Argon on his knee with the ring she had picked out in the shop window in his hand. They married that October in Kosovo. Besa questioned “why do I have to have a yearlong engagement and wait so long? I just wanted to get married.” They were married two months later. Besa said "I was magnetically drawn to him somehow, I just knew." Agron added "She was the person I wanted to have my children with, that's how I knew. The love grew very quickly. I was acting childlike around her, calling her nonstop, laughing together, feeling jealous; that’s how I knew I was in love.”

Emmaleen: Can you share a loving story from your relationship?

Besa: “When I had my first child I had to have a cesarean section. When I was pregnant with my second, the doctors in Kosovo told me that I would have to have another caesarean and I didn't want to. Whilst I was pregnant we moved to the U.K. and they told me that it would be possible to have a natural delivery. I was so afraid. I had never felt the pain of labor before. Agron was there supporting me every day during those last few months of pregnancy. For a week I went into the hospital every day with labor pains, and they sent me home and said that I needed more time. On that last day, I did it; I had a normal delivery. It was the greatest gift of my life. He was there for me. He supported me; he gave me courage.”

What is the key to a happy relationship?

Besa: “honest, true love. Compromise, a sense of humor and intimacy."

Agron: “to be able to sit and talk is so important, to be able to share whatever you feel inside and trust that person, not worrying about anything else. Talking is very important.”

What is love?

Besa: "the most beautiful feeling we experience as human beings."

Agron: “I believe in energy, in quantum physics, the heart can feel; it has a brain. The heart has unconditional and positive energy. Listen to the heart. Love is being willing to die for someone, to be able to cope through crisis and in good times and bad. Love is being able to compromise and to let go because of it.”

What advice do you have for someone looking for love?

Agron: “I’m 50 now; the other day I said to my eldest daughter, if your heart is beating slowly when you talk to them, it’s not right. Don’t be worried. Follow your heart, believe in your heart, not your eyes, not your brain, trust only in your heart, and you will be fine."

Besa: "All things happen for a reason. It is always better to be yourself. Don't rush; believe in yourself. Never give up, as there is always someone out there for everyone.”

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